43 states, and Alberta

Since Friday night I have seen 43 states, 3 provinces, and 1 district. I had been at 45 issuing entities over the course of Shabbos and Motzei Shabbos, but this afternoon I went out and saw cars from Montana and Alberta parked on 7th Ave. I don't recall ever seeing an Alberta plate before. Here's a map of the seven states I have not yet seen this week:
Note: I think I also saw a plate issued by "US Government", but the car was driving by so I can't be sure.

45! British Columbia!

This weekend I saw 41 states, 3 provinces, and 1 district. The extra province (besides QC and ON, which I see regularly) was BC. Here's a map of the nine states I did not see:
The only overlap with last week's list is: HI, AK, NV, and SD. I last saw SD two weeks ago, and NV four weeks ago. This means that since 5-Aug I've seen all 48 contiguous states, and 4 provinces (QC, ON, NS, and BC).

North Dakota!

I got an early start on last weekend's license-plate quest. On Thursday I walked the six-mile perimeter of the Park Slope Eruv, since the usual inspector was away. I found only one break in the eruv, which was repaired on Thursday night. On the way I spotted: a North Dakota plate; a "US Judge" plate from Texas; a very colourful Tennessee plate commemorating an arts festival or something. After such a long walk on Thursday I didn't do much walking on Friday night, and on Saturday it was raining. I did go out several times on Sunday, during the Not-a-hurricane. I didn't need to open my umbrella, and the wind was nothing unusual. In total, over the extended weekend I saw 40 states, one district, and 1 province (ON). I did not see any Diplomat plates.

Here's the map of the 10 states I did not see this week:

UPDATED: Forty-three

39 states, 2 provinces (QC and ON), one district, and one department. I saw one car with dual citizenship: LA on the back and TN on the front! And two almost identical white SUVs parked right next to each other, one from WY and the other from NE.

ETA: I saw Indiana on Sunday, and Oregon and South Dakota on Monday.
ETA: Note that this means that since 5-Aug the only states I have not seen here in Brooklyn are Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Utah. The last time I saw Utah was on Shavuos. I haven't seen the other three in several years.

Here's the map of the 11 states I did not see this week:


That's the count of distinct license-issuing entities whose plates I saw over Shabbos. 39 states, 3 provinces, 1 district, and 1 department. The three provinces were Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia; this is only the second time I've seen a NS plate. Only one Diplomat plate this week; the country code indicates it belongs to Mexico (the other one I saw last week was from Palau).

Anyway, here's the map of the 11 states I did not see this Shabbos:

If you're paying attention, this means that there are only six states I have not seen since last Shabbos:

States not seen this week

Since Friday evening, I've seen license plates from 38 states, 2 provinces (QC and ON), one district (DC) and one department (Diplomat plates issued by the State Dept; I saw two of these, one from Palau and one from Mexico). Here's a map of the 12 states I have not yet seen. If I see any of them before this Friday afternoon I'll update it; my new count will start when I leave home for shul on Friday evening.

Licence plates again

It's been years since I've done one of these. But about a month ago I resumed my old hobby of observing license plates as I walk around my neighbourhood on Shabbos, and marveling at the diversity they show in where people have come to Brooklyn from. Some of these people are visitors, some are residents who never bothered reregistering their cars, or who have registered their cars at their parents homes, but it still means the person is "from" there originally.

Anyway, this weekend I saw license plates from 41 distinct issuing authorities; that is not counting the number of different plates I saw per issuer — Florida seems to have dozens of different ones, and lots of other states do too. Maybe I should start counting those separately, but so far I haven't. My issuer count included: 37 states, 2 provinces, 1 district, and 1 department. Yes, that was a new one on me: DIPLOMAT plates, issued by the State Department. Here's a map of the 13 states whose plates I did not see this weekend, on the streets of Brooklyn NY:

Of those, I have seen Louisiana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming in the past month, leaving only 8 that I have not seen since I resumed looking.

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