Zev (zsero) wrote,

Licence plates again

It's been years since I've done one of these. But about a month ago I resumed my old hobby of observing license plates as I walk around my neighbourhood on Shabbos, and marveling at the diversity they show in where people have come to Brooklyn from. Some of these people are visitors, some are residents who never bothered reregistering their cars, or who have registered their cars at their parents homes, but it still means the person is "from" there originally.

Anyway, this weekend I saw license plates from 41 distinct issuing authorities; that is not counting the number of different plates I saw per issuer — Florida seems to have dozens of different ones, and lots of other states do too. Maybe I should start counting those separately, but so far I haven't. My issuer count included: 37 states, 2 provinces, 1 district, and 1 department. Yes, that was a new one on me: DIPLOMAT plates, issued by the State Department. Here's a map of the 13 states whose plates I did not see this weekend, on the streets of Brooklyn NY:

Of those, I have seen Louisiana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming in the past month, leaving only 8 that I have not seen since I resumed looking.

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