Zev (zsero) wrote,

North Dakota!

I got an early start on last weekend's license-plate quest. On Thursday I walked the six-mile perimeter of the Park Slope Eruv, since the usual inspector was away. I found only one break in the eruv, which was repaired on Thursday night. On the way I spotted: a North Dakota plate; a "US Judge" plate from Texas; a very colourful Tennessee plate commemorating an arts festival or something. After such a long walk on Thursday I didn't do much walking on Friday night, and on Saturday it was raining. I did go out several times on Sunday, during the Not-a-hurricane. I didn't need to open my umbrella, and the wind was nothing unusual. In total, over the extended weekend I saw 40 states, one district, and 1 province (ON). I did not see any Diplomat plates.

Here's the map of the 10 states I did not see this week:


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